Impact of H1 on B1 - Urgent help required

Hi ,

I went to US on B1 for  the first time and stayed for six month from 1 Nov,2011 - 30 April .2012 .My employer filed a regular H1 for me in April,2012  . Now my employer again wants  me to  come back to US in   August (i.e. after spending 3 month in India) on B1  for a period of 50 days  . Meanwhile I am also expecting H1 approval .  If I travel again on B1 , will it have impact my H1   .


Thanks in Advance !!

There shouldn’t be any issue with that. Make sure that you do not overstay in B1 which could be questioned during your H1B VISA interview later at the consulate.

Thanks a ton Sujith :slight_smile: …I am travelling for the same client on B1 which has filed my H1, so I believe it might help me during H1B Visa interview .