Impact of H1 B Old petition(2008) on Current petition (2015)


I have applied for H1 this(2015) year and luckily it was approved and I am ready for Visa stamping this month (September 2015).

I applied for H1 in the year 2008 and even that time it was selected in lottery and approved, but my employer told not to attend the interview that time as there was a query on them and later I never bothered about it

as I was having very minimum experience that time and even not much interested on H1B that time.

Will that be a problem while attending interview this time beacuse of my old petition (2008 Year) and will there be any chance of queries on my previous petition ?

I will be eagerly waiting for your reply sir.

There should not be any impact of the previously approved petition on the newly approved one. Best of luck !

Hi Ankit,

Thanks a lot for your response.

My current employer details were mentioned wrong in my old petitions DS 156 form.

Will the visa officer will have access to my old DS 156 form which was used in year 2008?

Also any chances for VO to ask details on my previous petition?

Manoj Gudi

Agree with Ankit, it will not have impact. Well, we do not know…In general, it is very unlikely to hold anything beyond 5 years…Dont worry too much about it.

Thank you Kumar.

I will post my visa experience on 26th September 2015.

Manoj Gudi