Impact of B1 on H1 - frequent and long visit on B1 impact H1 or not

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I went to US on B1 for the first time and stayed for six month from 1 Nov,2011 - 30 April .2012 .My employer filed a regular H1 for me in April,2012 . Now my employer again wants me to come back to US in July end (i.e. after spending 3 month) on B1 . If I travel again on B1 , will it have some impact on my H1 .

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You are cutting too close on your B-1 travel. You will be spending close to 9 months in US in the 12 month period. This can impact both your H-1 processing and future B-1 visits.

Thanks Saurabh for your prompt reply , Appreciated ! I will cancel my trip to US and will wait until my H1 Processing gets completed .

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My company is asking me to travel to US for a period of 45 days .If I travel to US for a period of just 45 days , will it also leave a negative impact .Meanwhile I am expecting the approval also .

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Should I go for a short trip or not ? Will it impact my H1 .

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