Immediate relatives

Hi, I am on h1b and traveling to India for stamping. My husband is on h1b and he will not be traveling with me in that trip.
So for the question in ds 160 that says do you have any immediate relatives other then parents - do I need to mention my husband or not. I already filled his details under spouse section. Please let me know.

The DS160 is a Federal admittance document and not a tourism form. All declarations must adhere to norms and be truthful which is exactly what you are trying to do here. Can you type in ‘see spouse section’ where it asks about immediate relatives? You have done the right thing, your husband is not a relative (everybody else connected to this relationship is a relative) but try not to leave that ‘immediate relatives’ section blank or you might be pulled up for misrepresentation.

Thank you so much for the answer. I will fill the spouse section and for immediate relatives will answer NO as I have no on else in the US.