I'm on H1 and want to get husband on H4

.I’m presently in US and my husband is in India working right now.I went to India to get married in Feb when I was in my OPT status and stayed for a month and got back leaving my husband there then.Now i got my H1B approval and dint go for stamping yet. My biggest concern is my husband is planning on going for the H4 interview pretty soon.So what do you think would be the best answer to convince the VO when asked like…
1.Why do you want to go to USA?
2.How long do you intend to stay there(assuming wouldn’t be asked though).
3.How about your job here in India.
4.why dint she accompany you for Visa.

Could you let me know other questions which you think could be asked.
  1. He is going to US to be w/ you (family reunion)

  2. Same as your petition duration

  3. He would leave it

  4. Not required for her to accompany or you are busy w/ work in US