ihave backlogs now i want apply for h1 visa

I have backlogs of my bachler degree in india but currently m doing J1 internship in USA if i apply for H1 visa with help of consultancy is there chances to approval i have baclog but with help of my J1 internship in us help to get approval of h1 visa or not

Do you have home country residency requirements as part of your J-1, or do you have the exemption?

I have work experience letter 6 months and now m doing internship J1 us now i want to apply for h1 but i have backlog cso embasy approve my h1b .hotel management

That’s not what I asked. J-1 visa is usually accompanied w/ 2 year home country residency requirements and makes a person ineligible for H-1. Do you fall in that category or are you exempted?

I am exempted from that…

Your backlogs from Bachelor’s degree will not impact the H-1 decision. If you are qualified for the position, then go for it.

Okkk thanks …