if the petition is denied after rfe is submitted, Can i apply H1B transfer again through a different consultancy ?

I would Like to know : the current company is working on my H1b visa transfer currently and I have a RFE for the same. Now without even waiting for the response, shall I go ahead and get a transfer with another consultacy ???

Or if the RFE is not satisfactory and if the petition gets rejected - then can i get the trasfer through another consultacy ? if so, is there any wait time limit for the same to apply?

Please looking forward for the replies soon. Help me with this…I am really perplexed right now.

You may go ahead with another company for a fresh H1-B in cap exempt (citiing your previously approved H1-B petition). One can have multiple approved H1-B petitions at the same time.

P.S. This is not a legal advice.

Hello im also in same situatuon–can u pls tell wat happen to u ???

If a petition gets rejected in RFE , it would still be cap-exempt?

You must be having an approved H1-B petition then only it can be transferred in cap-exempt category (within 6 years from the date it was approved). Afterwords, while transferring to a different company, if you got an RFE and it ultimately got rejected, it doesn’t matter. A different company can apply for a fresh H1-B transfer.

P.S. This is not a legal advice. You may consult an immigration attorney.