If parents are self-sponsoring for their trip for US Visitor visa, what supporting documents they need?

I am working in US on H1b since 2011. My parents’ visitor visa got reject on Apr-5-2018 at Mumbai consulate with 214b. We showed that I am sponsoring for their trip.

My father is a farmer and my mother is a Homemaker. My father’s age is 65 years and mother’s 63 years.

My parents have 3 kids, one myself, working in USA, other two are my brother and sister both married and living in India. My father possession land, plots and is having own house in India.

Now we want reapply it again showing they are self-sponsoring their trip. My father has bank balance around 10 lakhs (I transferred 5 lakhs to his account in May 2018) How many months of bank statement we need?

What documents we need to prove the self-sponsorship?

Please suggest either I should sponsor them again or they do their own sponsorship.

Usually any documents that show family ties will help. In general, carry 6 month worth of bank statements, any other financial documentation or land documents, plots, etc… will help. All these are to show your parents financial capability to afford trip and indicating that they will come back…

Frankly, we do not know what Visa officer is looking for, all we can do is to be prepared with the case and carry all documents…