If my employer will not withdraw H1B before 10/1, Will i be cap exempt in the future?

Hi Kumar,
Can you please assist me on below scenario:

Scenario: Currently I’m on H4 EAD and working for Employer B and my H1B (1st time through the lottery) is approved with employer A for next 3 years as a change of status effective 10/1, I’m planning to travel to India on 30th September and re-entering via H4 anytime after 10/1. Assuming employer A had not withdrawn my H1B by 10/1 and Employer A withdraws anytime after 10/1 (e.g. 10/5) and I re-enter via H4 on 10/6 and continue working for Employer B on H4 EAD.

Q) Is it possible to transfer my H1b anytime in future within 3 years through any employer(in the cap exempt category)? or will it be invalid in future as it would get withdrawn by 10/5?
Q) Is it safe to come back on H4 visa after 10/1 if I’m going out of state on 30/9?

Looking forward for your response.
Thank You!