if my employer file my LCA to DOL - in how many days I will get the case number #

I would like to know if my employer filed my LCA or not. Will be able to go in to 2017-18 lottery system?

Is there any way to get some info.

I assume that, Once my employer files LCA with DOL - that would be approved in 3 business days and I will be assigned with the CASE number - that implies - That has been approved by DOL => will go into lottery system.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Needed inputs.



I suggest that you read this article:

LCA is a document that your employer mandatorily needs to get, to file your H1. It takes 7 days to get the document. Only after receiving this document, they can send your application to USCIS. Once USCIS receives your application and they put it in a lottery. And those selected will receive a receipt notice (probably mid April is when they will start sending out), the ones not selected in lottery will receive their packet back as they had sent.

If you receive the receipt notice by mid-May, is when you know, you are selected in lottery, if not selected, you will receive back your application packet from mid-May to June. Thing is you have to wait patiently.