if my company cnvert my h1b 2 L1,wat are the problems i wil face in future?


If my company convert my valid h1b( with 2.5 years validity ) to L1 to retain me in my company. What are all the problem i will be facing if i try to get an h1 for another employer? Since i already counted on h1b cap, if i plan to jump the company, my new company can convert L1 to h1 easily as same as h1b transfer rt. OR what is the actual benefit my company will get by doing this?

Kindly provide a detailed response.


In future, another employer can file cap-exempt H-1 petition along w/ COS from L-1 to H-1 for you. You don’t need to go through the cap again.

Your employer may be wanting to move you to L-1 to reduce your salary. Did they mention any salary changes for you on L-1?

No, no info on the salary changes.Please Consider the salaries are going to be same in my case. What are the other problems i will be facing.

I heard somewhere that, if its h1 to h1 transfer from one employer to other, we can start working for the new employer once we receive the receipt number, but if its L1 to H1, even if we are cap exempt, we have to wait till the new h1 petition is approved , then only we can start work for new employer. Is my understand is correct?

does my company can get only the salary benefit? they cant stop me doing anything else?

Your status will become L-1 once this goes through. Like you said, any future H-1 transition would require you to wait for actual H-1 approval w/ COS before starting to work on H-1. If your current status would have been H-1, then you can start employment on the basis of transfer receipts.

Your company will have more confidence that you cannot leave easily once you move to L-1 (as you will have to wait for H-1 transfer to get approved w/ COS).

Didn’t you ask your employer why they want to move you to L-1? Also, on L-1 you can do a job which requires skill-set not available outside your employer. Is that something you will be doing on L-1?

Im going to do the same job which i was doing in h1. i have to wait for the h1-transfer to get approved, Thats what my company want i suppose.

If premium h1 transfer is filed w/ cos from L1 by new employer, then there wont be a much difference in wait time also , it will be same as h1 transfer. Am i rt.?

In case of PP, it will take 15 calendar days unless RFE is issued.