if i want to attend high school in the us, what should i do?

i am in class 10 right now in delhi public school, bhilai ,a cbse +2 school and my parents work in india and plan to stay in india after i get admission in the US.i just want to know what all should i do and wheather i should opt for board exam or school conducted board exam?i have relatives in the US…so please help…there is very less information for undergradutes ,aspiring to study in US, on the web …i am one of the intelligent in school so are there any scholorship test /exams conducted in India of undergradutes or some eligibility tests.?pleseee answeer

Unfortunately, I do not know the exact process to attend high school ( 11th and 12th grade).

Typically, there are some exchage student programs offered by high schools. I do know that few students stay with a host family and attend high school.

You can contact the High Schools directly to understand the process. Just search for high schools and email them or call them. You can ask your relatives in US to talk to few high schools, it should help.

From immigration perspective, You can read this : http://travel.state.gov/visa/temp/types/types_1269.html

I like your passion at 10th grade, I wish I could help more.

I am not aware of it. But I can imagine it might be expensive. After high school you will do 4 yrs college and masters…