If I apply B1/B2 visa it is going to cancel my L1A

Hi ,

Please can someone let me know if I can apply for B1/B2 visa when Ian having an approved /stamped L1A visa. I recently came back to work from India ,earlier used to work in USA on L1A . Planning to go on my personal trip for thanks giving, so please let me if I can apply for visiting visa while holding Work visa , my work visa will not get impacted right? Heard that we can hold only one visa at a time so worried if I apply B1/B2 my L1A may get cancelled which I don’t want to happen.

Please need advice ASAP


It would be officer’s discretion. They can leave your L-1A intact or can cancel it w/o prejudice when approving the B-1/2.

Thank you Saurabh for the response.
So you suggest me not to apply and risk L1A.
Please suggest i already paid fee and schedule finger print. Since i had B1/B2 earlier after finger printing i need to drop off.

Your expert advice is highly appreciated , thank you

I assume you are still employed with the employer who applied your L-1A. So talk to their immigration team about this.

Also, if this comes up during interview specifically mention that you may have the use of L-1A in near future and officer shouldn’t cancel it.

Hi Saurabh,

Sorry for late reply.

I spoke to my immigration team , they conveyed it wont be a problem , L1 visa will not be cancelled and in USA i can maintain only one visa status ,they do mentioned while immigration i have to explain exact reason of entry so that they will not impact work permit.

Hoping this information is correct from my team


So there are 3 areas here:

  1. Consulate - This is the place where there is maximum chance of L-1 visa stamp getting canceled and I already explained that in previous response
  2. Port of Entry - Like immigration team mentioned, you have to specify the visa you are using to enter along with reason etc
  3. Visa status inside US - You can hold only 1 visa status which would be B-1/2 once you are admitted on it

Your immigration team covered 2 and 3. Just to be sure talk to them specifically about the visa stamping (if they have not already responded about this).