If H1b approved before my J1 expire, can I continue working in the US?

I’m an exchange visitor under J1 visa for the current company. It’ll expire in this 15th Oct 2012.

I’ve filed H1B petition on the behalf of the current company sponsoring. I’m wondering that if the H1b approved before the J1 end, do I have to leave the US?

If not, can I work for the company and for how long?

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Was your J1 applied as a Change of Status ( COS ) ?

If it was not COS, then you may have to leave US and re-enter us with H1B stamping.

If it was COS from J1 to H1B and you get your H1B approved, you need not leave the country and can start working on H1B from the start date mentioned on your H1B visa approval notice.

Talk to your attorney, who filed your H1B petition, they will clarify.