Ideal Job type of L2 / EAD (Can it is be full time salaried also)?

Hi There, I need to find a job in US on L2 EAD. What options are available for me. Part time or Full time or is it going to be only Contractual (Hourly) or can it also be full time (Salaried). My experience with employers are that they don’t give Full Time Salaried positions to L2 EAD.

There are no restrictions on employment with an L-2 EAD. Your card is needed when HR of a hiring company asks you to file an I-9 form and attach evidence. Please note that for employment purposes, you are better off using the term ‘employment authorized’ rather than “L-2 EAD” which not many US employers will understand or have any reason to understand either. They don’t need to know you are an L-2 or a description of what L-2 means. With an EAD, you are authorized to work exactly as a US citizen or a Green Card person in part time, full time, contractual and salaried capacities.

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