Iam on h4 ,my husband as on h1b worker last from oneyear,but he got his h1b in 2011, how can i get my h4 EAD?


I was on h4 vissa in usa,since 2months.my husband got his h1b in 2011 .but he came to usa 2014 october,recently his employer extended vissa to 2018,but i have so much confusion here,but his boss was not processing his greencard presently,as per new rule

how i can get my h4 EAD,?

Without green card process of my husband,can i get h4 EAD in usa?

If possible, could you please give me complete information what are the procedure i have to follow?

What are documents needed? Procedure for apply?

Please do this favor for me.

You can get H-4 EAD only if:

  • Your husband has approved I-140, or

  • Your husband is in 7th year H-1 extension. He should have stayed inside US for 6 years in order to get the 7th year extension