i94 update with new passport


I have my L1 visa and i94 till Aug 2019, I don’t have any issue with mine as the primary applicant. And it is only for my child because who got a new passport recently. But the old passport has the i94 expiry date as 6/6/2018. When we enter US, the immigration officer informed that my child will get the i94 until 6/6 due to his passport expiring on this date and also suggested me to come back to Detroit airport to get it updated with a new passport info. But when I visited them couple of days ago and the officer said I have to re-enter US. First thing in my mind is, Does the i94 expiry have impact on the status as we all have valid visa and passports at this moment. I am now applying for Canada visitor Visa but it will take some time to get the visa.

So my questions are

  1. Does he go out of status after 6/6/2018(i94 expiry date)

  2. Any grace period that we can stay after i94 expiry? Couple of my friends are still in US with an expired i94.

  3. Any countries that issue Visa on arrival for Indians in US to visit and close to Detroit. ( I don’t see any).

Thanks and Appreciate your comments here.