I94 till only passport expiry date but not till Visa validity.

Hello Admin,

I have my H1B Visa (stamped in passport) valid till Oct’19, but my I94 was issued only till my passport expiry date Feb’18 when I entered USA in Dec’16. Once I renew my passport,

Do I need to leave USA and enter again to get new I94 ?


Can I extend my I-94 by just visiting CBP office ?

Please let me know. Thank you !

I was able to get my I94 extended today(Jan 7,2018) at Otay Mesa, California Enrollment Center without actually crossing the border.

2500 Paseo Internacional, San Diego, CA 92143

Below is my experience :

  1. There is a public parking for a charge of $12 for 24 hours (or $6 for 2 hours) at the start of the street. It is maintained by a gas station adjacent to McDonald’s. I was not sure how long it would take, so paid $12 for 24 hours.

  2. Walked to Enrollment center from there. ( 5 mins walk to the dead end of the street)

  3. Once I reached the center, I stood in the I-94 lane where an officer was checking passport and allowing inside to get I-94. He checked my Visa in the passport (which is valid till Nov 2019) and then he noticed that I already have the Admit Until stamp till Feb 2018. I said to him that I need a new I-94 as that Admit Until stamp was given only till my old passport expiry date. He said he need to check with his supervisor. He talked to him for about 1 min and said it is okay to get new I-94. I paid $6 to get the empty I94 paper.

  4. After that, I entered a small room where couple of officers are filling the empty I-94 with the actual information. Officer took my old and new passports and asked couple of questions like Which Visa ? Where are you working ? Office Address etc…

He then filled the I-94 paper with validity until my H1B Visa and also stamped the “Admit Until” in my passport till my VISA validity. (Officer told me that I94 will be updated online too and should not worry if I lose that paper).

  1. Immediately after coming out of the office, I was able to see new I94 online too.

Whole process took me less than 30 mins as there were not many people at that time. (Sunday @4pm). Hope this experience helps someone !