I94 Question for H1B and H4

I am staying in US on H1 Visa and I have passport validity until Sep 2025… My I94 with my old employer is valid until 30-Sep-2024…Last year I have changed my employer and as per new I797A renewal approval page I have got I94 valid upto Oct-2025.

  1. My question is i94 portal still shows old valid date i.e 30-Sep-2024…But in I797A renewal page I have seen that valid upto Oct-2025…Do I need to do something to change it or its fine to stay with I797A approval page ?

  2. As my passport is valid until Sep 2025, If I renew my passport now do I need to mandatorily cross border to change new passport number with updated I94 date or Is it fine if I stay in US with I797A approval page with old passport number. Please suggest?

Online I-94 is the record of your last entry in the US. When you apply for extension of status and get approval notice I-797 with I-94 printed, that doesn’t get updated online however the I-94 attached to I-797 will override your last I-94 record.

Passport is just an ID/travel document and doesn’t impact your I-797/I-94. No actions for you after passport renewal.
When you travel next time and enter back in the US with a valid visa, I-797 and new passport, your online I-94 record will reflect your new passport number.

Thank you so much Kalpesh