I94 not updated in USCIS


My question is I came to USA in Dec 2015 and got the i94 which were valid till Aug 2016. I have filled my extension in premium during March 2016 and went to India for marriage. when i came back in May i got a new i94 which is valid till Aug 2016. during my india travel i got my extension approved and in my petition i got my Old i94 extension till 2019.

I have gone to DMV office for license and they said as your new extended i94 is not updated in USCIS we can not provide the License now.

Can someone please help me how to get my extended i94 updated in USCIS

Did you got your i94 with new approved petition? if yes submit that and ask them to check with DHS, they will raise a request and in 2 to 4 weeks you will get an letter from DMV about the case.

Even I have faced the same scenario, I have provided the new approved petition and I received the letter. Later I renewed the DL

the scenario is when i first entered i got i94 as X which is also in my latest extended petition.

But during my travel to India i got another i94 (Y)with old validity till Aug 2016. the DMV people has raised the request to uscis to update my latest i94 which is valid till 2019.

I am worrying do i need to go out of country as my old i94 is got extended and uscis portal has the new i94 valid till August 2016

you got i94 (y) based on your visa on passport. As long as your petition i94 is valid till 2019, you don’t have to worry.

Thanks Kishore for the information

I disagree.

You left US while extension petition was pending, and this caused abandoned of I-94 extension. Even though USCIS issued extension document w/ I-94 attached (old I-94#), it was invalid as that I-94 closed when you left US.

You received a new I-94 on returning to US and that I-94 governs your stay in US. So an I-94 extension is warranted based upon this.

If there is a CBP office nearby (usually at airports), you can go there with old and new petitions and request them to extend the I-94. More than DMV, your legal status expires in Aug 2016 and you need to handle this ASAP.

Didn’t your attorney tell you all this before you left US?

my company is asking me to file the extension again. is that necessary?

When you say file the extension again, are you referring to just I-94 extension or entire 797 extension?