I94 issuance at POE and how to fix

Hi -

I have a new petition till May 2019 as I changed company from A to B and got it yesterday. However my visa is still Oct 2017 with company A. Questions are -

  1. If I travel now to India I think I do not need another new visa stamp with B as I can use the H1 stamp for A till Oct 2017 and the valid petition for B which is till May 2019. Is that correct ? This will allow me to re-enter US without issues.

  2. Also what will happen to the I-94 ? At the POE, will I show them the new I797 till May 2019 and on the basis of that will they give me I94 till 2019 ? If they do not then later can I go to the CBP deferred inspection site to correct ?



  1. Yes, you can use A’s visa stamp and B’s petition to enter US

  2. You should show A’s visa stamp and B’s petition, and they would issue I-94 until B’s expiration date