I94 expiry date is longer than approval date in extension approval date, can I work on EAD until the I94 date

My EAD expiration date is 11/27/2022. In my H4 extension approval valid date in approval section (from top of the page) is from 12/20/2019 to 11/27/2022 and in I-94 section (from bottom of the page) is valid from 12/20/2019 UNTIL 12/07/2023. I have 1 year 10 days extra in my I-94. How long can I work if I filed for an extension of my H-4 & H-4 (EAD) before my current EAD expires (11/27/2022)?

You can keep working till your H4 I-94 is valid or 540 days whichever is less, if you filed H4 EAD before it expire.

I am on H4 Visa which is expiring on 09/04/2022 and my i-94 is expiring on 09/14/2022…my husband filed his renewal on 08/22/22 under premium processing so hopefully he will receive 09/02/2022(not original but online form) …and original receipt before 09/14/2022…can I continue working on h4 ? if not what can be done ?? please advise…thank you in advance

Ideally you should have applied extension of atatus for H4 along with H1B transfer to make sure your H4 I-94 dont expire before you apply your extension.
That said, H4 can work till H1B is in valid status and till H4 I-94 expiry provided the H4 EAD is valid.