I94 Expired, Visa Valid, H1-B ext applied, Waiting for receipt number.Travel india due to family situation., possible?


i’m in my H1-B. (I have detailed my current status explained, down in this mail). Due to some family situation, i’m in need to go back to India permanently. Please check my status below and please guide me on this. Due to situation, I have to be there in India atleast by Sep 2015 last week. Hope you guys can really give suggestions on this for me…

Regarding my current status:

I-94 Expired by Aug/19/2015 (Yesterday)(Due to my old passport was expiring on that day, they given me I-94 only up to that. Passport renewed and got my new passport)

H1-B Visa valid till Oct/01/2015.

H1-B extension filed and waiting for receipt number.

Queries regarding traveling:

Is it possible to return to India sometime by September third week.?

any issues i’m gonna face on exit(US) and entry(India)?

Please help me out on this…

And let me know you need any more information from my end.