I94 date issue

Me and my son travelled to US last November and got our I94 valid till Jun 2017.This June we had to fly to India and come back for a short visit and at that time the officer at port of entry had given the I94 date to be 30 sep 2015.This is because I have two valid visas and the recent one is Jun 2017 and the previous is sep2015.the current date has been overlooked and it was stamped in my older visa with sep2015 in i94.i checked with cbp and they are asking to go out of country and come back.Could someone let me know is there a way to get it corrected without travelling out of country.

There is no form for correction of I94. You need to bring in the inaccurate I94 and documentation supporting the claim for incorrect information. There is no fee for this. You should approach any designated deferred inspection location or CBP office located within an international airport, regardless of where the actual document was issued and get it corrected manually.