i94 date change on reentry with new process


I am on L1 which expires in Aug 2014 but have i94 valid till Jan 2015 , planning to travel homecountry for few weeks and return in April. Question is since i reenter US with new i94 date , will it be same as previous one which is Jan 2015 or will it get changed as per my visa expiry . I will be in risk if it happens since visa expires early and might need to leave the country earlier .Not sure how the new i94 date issue works now .

Please help me with this query

Thanks everyone…

once you reenter they can give dates as they like no grauntee you will 2015 date . if you wanna keep till 2015 then stay there only . if you are ok and not worried about dates then travel

But any idea how they issue new i94 these days. I know it is online system but are they matching with the visa date or some random date ?

In case of L-1, they typically issue it for 3 years and so it can be beyond your visa stamp expiration date as well. However, that is not always the case and you can get it for a lower duration as well.