I797A not returned after visa stamping


I completed my H1B stamping in Oct 2013. The visa officer took my I797. I was under the impression that it would be returned along with my passport however it was not returned. I tried to inquire at the consulate but they informed me that they do not retain original documents from candidates.

I know that we can apply for duplicate copy of I797 however it will cost approx $400. Is there any other option for me.

Please share your experience if you have faced a similar situation and what is course of action was taken from your end.

Thanks for reading the post.


I am not sure about the cost for a copy of i797. However U talk to Employer or Attorney on this, U can get a copy


I think it cost around 120-150 $

Most of the times a scan copy or a xerox copy would work, AFAIK

U can also check below