I797A for Spouse on H4 visa after change of employer

I recently changed my employer and got the visa(H1B) transferred and have the I797A approval notice.But I did not get the I797A approval notice for my wife who is on H4 .

We are planning to travel to India , will there be an issue if we are not carrying the I797A for my spouse on H4 while returning back to US ?

Thanks in Advance for your response.



The only application that could have been filed for the dependent is H-4 extension. If the new employer didn’t file it, then no new 797 is issued for the wife, which is ok.

Her 797 is pointless once you leave US as she is your dependent. When returning to US, she will receive an I-94 based on your 797 and that is the only document which she needs.

In other words, you both are good!

Thanks Saurabh ! You Rock as always !!
Feeling relieved :slight_smile: