i797A Approval notice for multiple applicants

Hi, I am still waiting for my i797A approval notice to be resent by USCIS. I filled i-539 for myself and my daughter. Will it be a single page document or will it be 2 pages with i-94 records for each of us?

When did you file for it ? If you have filed extensions or COS, then you would get I-94 records attached. SeeSample H4 I797A with I-94. You will get two notices, one for you and one for your daughter.

Thanks Kumar for your reply. We filed about 6 months back.

Will USCIS send the notices separately?

Well, you could get them separately or combined… In general, it should be sent separately. Do share, once you get it for everyone benefit.

Yeah we got them as two separate documents but via the same post