I20 not signed while applying for H1b, What are the implications?

Hello Everyone,

I got picked up on the H1b Lottery 2015 and awaiting for the processing. I recently noticed that i forgot to sign the I20 while applying for the H1b.

What would be the implications? Do i need to notify my attorney?

Could the attorney be able to update USCIS with the updated document?

Any advise would be highly appreciated.



So what happened? Did you get an RFE? I know it has been quite some time but want to know as I have done the same mistake.

Nothing happened . it got completed without issues. it all depends on the case officer who deals on the case as unsigned I20’s will always subjected to RFE’s . As it is case by case ,better wait for the response from USCIS. Most probably it should be ok


Hi Sahu,
What happed in your case, Did you got any RFE ?. I also did same mistake.

@DILEEP_D & @sahuabhishek90 what happened to your case ?