I140 Notice Explaining USCIS Actions Was Mailed

Notice Explaining USCIS Actions Was Mailed.
This is for i140 filed in premium in nebraska center.
We mailed you a notice informing you of the action we intend to take on your case.

Please follow the instructions in the notice and submit any requested materials.
I know I have to wait for the mail. But wanted to know the scenarios. Any experience you can share . Should i be worried

Well, this is a generic status. In the past, based on history, it could be an RFE or NOIR. But again, this can be approval too at times…There is no clear pattern. There is not much you can do other than wait and respond. Stay positive and respond to USCIS by working with your attorney.

Do update here after you get the document for community benefit.

i or attorney yet to get the notice they have sent . it was said if you dont get it by jan 3rd then contact uscis contact center. not sure why the delay . really worried now