I140 approved on L1A more than 180 days no, Question on company change

My Case:
On L1A, I140 approved more than 180 days now.

  1. Do I need to get H1 to transfer to another Company having I140 approved in L1 or I need to do H1 in lottery.
  2. If I do H1, Will my labor and I140 be still valid and ported to another company.
  3. If not will my priority date still be retained
  4. Can my existing employee revoke/cancel my I140 if I join another company
  5. Can Employer B file my GC in EBI when I am holding my L1A from Employer A
    I will complete 3 years on L1A in first quarter 2017, pls provide best suggestion
  1. You need to get H-1 through lottery first

  2. The new employer will have to file their own PERM and I-140 for you

  3. Under certain circumstances, they can be ported. The old and new job profiles need to be looked at by a good immigration attorney.

  4. Yes

  5. Yes, they can. It is not mandatory that you should be working for B while they apply GC for you.