I was issued a 221g form with passport returned back to me

At the time of interview i was told that i will be issued visa and was surprised when i was returned the passport with a white slip later at visa collection centre after 4 days where it said that my visa was refused under 221g. I was supposed to attend the conference in a month.They have asked the same docs that i had with me at the time of interview. I have deposited all docs in a e mailas asked by them,should i deposit the passport at the centre or should i wait till i hear from them

221g means information you provided is not complete to make a decision. Is there confusion or gap between conference dates and your planned stay duration?

not exactly, actually I am planning to reach 4-5 days earlier than the conference and do little sight seeing. Should I deposit the passport?

Did you got visa then ? Did you submit passport once again ?