I want yo travel to USA ...waiting for my husband's h1 visa extension

Hi ,

My husband got h1b till sep 30th 2016. Only I came to India on August 29 and now when I want to go back he is not sure about the status.

He applied for extension in July. Now when we checked the status with receipt number, it is showing I-129 is approved on Sept 13 2016.

My query is …is it means that his extension is done?

If so when will he receive i-797 . How much time it will take for him to retain his status .

So that I can plan my return trip.

Please provide info on this…I would be very thankful.

With Regards,

Looks like your husband’s extension has been approved based on the status you have mentioned. Your husband’s attorney should have received I 797. Check with attorney about I 797.

In order for you to travel to USA, since your husband has already applied for his extension and got approved, then what about your extension? You also need to extend your H4 visa based on his new extension. Since you are already in India, once your H4 visa extension gets approved, you have to visit any consulate in India and get your passport stamped.

It’s my opinion but always check for 2nd opinion as well.