I want to travel India in H4


I came to US in H4 by Oct 2015, after that i converted to F1 and doing masters now. i have a emergency that i need to travel abroad. i need to know whether shall i go and come by H4, i am not bothered if my F1 gets cancelled.


You can go to India and return on H-4 visa provided the same has not expired. After returning, you can decide whether to continue school on H-4, or apply for COS to F-1 or just stay on H-4 and not go to any school.

Thanks saurabh…
will my F1 abond automatically or its better to inform university before i go?

Well you will have to inform school about travel plans if you are going to miss any classes.

Your F-1 status will be abandoned once you enter US on H-4 and not F-1. At that point, you can let the school know whether you want to enroll on H-4, or stop studying.

Thank you saurabh.
As you said im not gonna go for F1 stamping in india. hope there wont be any issues while entering in US (immigration) as H4