I want to know about L1B cooling period in days.

I want to know about L1B cooling period.

I have been in US from 23rd May 2009 till date, and in this duration, I visited india many times (official and Vacations).

The longest duration in India was from 23 Jun 2009 to 16 Jun 2010(359 days), which is very close to 1 year, but few days less.

My I-94 and L1B Visa is valid till 8th Apr 2015, but if I consider the cooling period to be 1 year, I may stay in US untill 22 May 2014 (L1B 5 Years period),

Can you please confirm if 23Jun 2009 to 16 Jun 2010(when I was in India) can be considered as valid cooling period or not?

If not, do I need to fly back by 22 May, or may remain in US and apply for H1 & wait for H1 result?

Please confirm the coolling periods for L1B in days.