I want to do MS in Civil Engineering from US, is it worth it?

I have completed my B. Tech. in Civil Engineering from one of the top colleges in India. I am looking forward to go for MS from one of the top universities in US. But since i belong to a middle class family, i am finding it very difficult to convince myself to go for the huge amount of educational loan. I am very passionate about working in a reputed construction company to get a good amount of enriching experience, as i want to come back to my home and start my own construction business. I am confident of getting 325+ in GRE and performing extraordinarily well in my studies for MS. But i need a good job in US after that, so that i can break even asap and start saving for my future prospects. Please throw some light on the job opportunities in US for a good student from a good university. People (mostly family friends or realtives) are advising me to go for other coveted exams in India e.g MBA (CAT), IES, IAS etc. but i am reluctant to waste my time and money in studying those subjects which are of no good to me, as i want a platform with max. exposure to latest advancements and construction techniques, so that i can be a better civil engineer tomorrow. Please help me with these issues asap. Also let me know about the funding that i can get for my studies.

I cannot really speak of Civil Engineering Colleges in the US, but can shed you some light on the overall prospects.

Getting a job is a totally relative thing, if you are proactive and get an internship, you will be fine.  

Firstly, you need to research on the schools that offer the advanced civil engineering courses. It can be in US or any other country...Once you have that picked then you can start working on the application and minimum scores required.  

Taking loan is not a bad thing, if you are really getting what you want. If you think having credentials and expereicne in a top school and work experience in US helps, it is worth it.  

Getting funding is a tricky thing, it is getting hard every day...you need to be very proactive and see the options. The likelyhood of getting funding in the first semseters is very low these days...nevertheless, you can always get some funding, if you are lucky....

Overall, find the schools and start  your preparation.   There are many articles on the blog like[ ROI on MS in USA ](http://redbus2us.com/what-is-return-roi-for-ms-in-usa-when-will-i-be-break-even-average-salary-after-ms-in-us-savings-after-ms-return-on-investment-for-ms-in-usa/), just browse the study in USA section to get a feel of the education and prospects in America.