I want student visa for some non academic courses

I have completed my B.Sc. IT from open university and its distance learning. I have 10 years experience in manual testing its difficult for me to immigrate. Can i get student visa for career oriented courses like sap training or business analyst? And can i get job in us on that bases?

No, you will not get student visa for such courses. You will need to get admission from proper US University that is certified by SEVIS to get student visa. Here is the list

Hi Kumar thanks for your reply. I would like to ask one more thing. I have completed my graduation from open university which is not valid in US so can I take admission for BSC in NJCU? My relatives staying in the jersey City so njcu will be preferable for me.

Yes, you can apply for bachelors degree. We do not advise on schools. You can check with the respective school on the process and requirements.

What you would suggest should I go with consultants who help to get there on student visa? Can I work there while doing bachelor’s degree. What is credit education system they have.