I traveled USA on visiting after my h1b is picked will it be a problem for processing?


I have visit visa B1/B2 living in Canada and this year my h1b is picked in lottery, and the status of the application still shows as case has been received, but after my lottery pick I have travel in and out of the US for four times. Will this create a problem on my H1B file processing because of my I-94??


It won’t be an impact as long as you didn’t stay for close to 5-6 months on B-1/2

First of all, thank you so much for your answer.

Yes i haven’t stayed longer than 10 days.
I was in and out for some meetings and once for 10 day visit.

I was worried because my H1B file status still shows as “case has been received” and also every time I travel in and out of the US i can verify my dates online I-94, but after my h1b is picked my travel dates are not reflecting when I check my i-94 online.

So I was thinking there would be a problem because my h1-b is picked the dates are not captured? And also it’s almost end of the September I haven’t received any update in my h1-b.


There are several others waiting for H-1, so that’s normal. So when you search by passport, no recent arrival/departure dates are displayed? At least you have the immigration stamps in the passport to show when you entered and left US.

Yes the dates are not displayed online.
I don’t have stamps all the time when i entered USA, because i have crossed border by land and they don’t really stamp all the times, but i have all the stamps when i entered back Canada.

And also i am planning to apply B2 again as it is expiring on oct 5th, as i have travel plans for the work(my company here in Canada will provide all the papers), is it a good idea to apply now and travel, or it’s not advisable to apply now?? as my H1B is in processing??

Thank you so much for your previous reply.


Usually there is no impact of another B-2 stamping or travel to US, even when you have H-1 pending or already approved.