I travel to India when COS is pending but employer said H1B is approved with COS and I797 not received yet.

Hi Friends,

Can you guide me and clarify my questions? I travelled to India during my COS is pending for L1B to H1B. I was told that my COS will be abandoned if I travel, because of the emergency I did travel to India in 21-June-2017 and returned 15-July-2017. My employer informed me yesterday (26-Jan-2018) that my H1B is approved with COS, but I797 is yet to be received in mail. Here are my questions.

Despite my travel, can I still get my H1B approved with COS?Mine is not a premium processing, can my employer determine if my COS is approved without I797 copy?I heard that if H1B is approved with COS, I can not work for my L1 employer. But, I am yet not sure about my H1B COS as I did not receive I797. Can I wait for I797 copy before I resign?If my I797 is approved with COS, what if it is on previous I94 number. I have a new I94 number against my re-entry on L1B.

You are being worried too much too early. Keep working on L visa till you were officially informed/asked to work on H1B status. Dont worry. It takes time to get I-797 Relax first