I recently got the B1 visa and my husband too?,

Dear reader,

I recently got the B1-B2 visa, and my husband too.

my questions are as following?

  1. after a stay at usa for 6 months, after how many month we can go again, as our main is to earn there.

  2. As we didnt went yet, can we apply for the kids visa in a dropbox .

  3. How to convert the B1 visa to H1b visa.

  4. final does B1 visa holder get the job there.



You cannot work on B1/B2 visa. There is no way to convert from B1 to H1. If your intent is to work, then apply for a job in a US company who is willing to apply for your H1.

If you work on a B1/B2 visa, it is illegal and you may be deported for breaking visa rules.