I received an email from embassy to provide my passport.Can anyone answer,what might be the reason ?

Hello everyone,

I attended visa interview for h1B stamping, I received a 221g green slip for administrative processing.At the time of interview, consulate officer retained my passport and some other documents. After certain number of days I requested my passport because I was in need of it. In connection with my request, consulate returned my passport within 5 days. Today I received an email from consulate saying .“In order to continue processing your visa application you are required to provide your passport. Please post your passport at your earliest convenience”.

However, I will post my passport as soon as possible, but can anyone please explain me what would be the reason behind this?

Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

cz this is to confirm that they are ready to stamp ur visa. Congrats.

Are you sure mate ? I’m so glad to hear that from you. Thank you very much

ya man, I am sure. I had the same situation as yours but i never asked for my passport. But it is unlikely that they refuse you now. You will get your visa stamped in a couple of weeks time…

Thanks for your comment buddy but there is no update in my account and ceac website still showing as administrative processing.

be thankful to what you have achieved so far. God listens and gives regardless of if we deserve for something or not. Be thankful and enjoy. We cannot change anything. B +ve…

Thanks for your messages dude. I hope everything will be alright.

congrats. go and pick ur passport up from wherever u are supposed to… it is stamped now. best of luck…

Sounds awesome mate. Thank you very much. :slight_smile: