I received 221g yellow slip in dubai consulate

Interview went very normal, just asked about employer, us employer payment and who is your client etc…after that VO took i797, i129 & educational certificates, copies of experience letters & US client letter etc. Then given 221g yellow slip with … check box ticked is OTHERS — pending results from ********** case

What does this means friends.. and how long it takes to visa status change.....please throw some insight on this ...appreciate

Hello Jwkommuguri!!

Sad to listen about ur 221g, im on the same stage, Yesterday september 4th i showed at the dubai consulate for stamping with my family, all went fine and did to me some basic questions. We did the finger printing, checked my petition and we felt confident that we were going to get the visa, but at the end the VO its looking at the computer and gave me the yellow slip with the case number, she did not marked anything, only the case number. When my wife asked this is denial or what its? the VO told her to check on the system after 3 weeks, that this was not denial but also not approval.

Me & family- Hello

VO- Hello, checking our passports.

VO- Have you ever been in US before?

ME- Yes, in **** for *** days (tourist)

VO- What relation you both have? (looking at my wife)

Me- Husband & Wife

VO- How long have you been married?

Wife - almost *** years

VO- Why you think you are the best candidate for this job?

Me- Explained to the VO about it.

After that she is looking at the computer, and after 3-5minutes gave back our passports with the yellow page.

Please let me know how ur case its going or share your email.

Hi ssp, Any updates on your visa status… kindly update if any. This will encourage everybody

hello Jwkommuguri, 2 weeks completed now and nothing yet… i saw some blogs were they mentioned about 3months, also they didnt contacted my company till now… what about you?.. please let me know.


Any update on your case ?

I got yellow slip for H1B 2013-14 in Dubai Consulate.


Hello Muhammad,
for me im still same, 2 months already happened and I continue waiting, even visa officer told me to check after 3 weeks. They didnt asked for anything so far. However I checked with other people and some got after 3 months and others around 5 or 6 months. Any update please let me know! Good luck!

No luck dear still waiting… But had hope status will be chaned as issued/Approved

Any updates from the consulate?.. for me same and 3 months completed.

No Updates or Inquiry. Wait Continues

My interview was on 15th Sep in Dubai. Got the yellow slip. 10 days later, i have been asked to submit some additional docs. In admi. Prosessing now. So far, 75 days of waiting!


I had my interview today in Dubai, however everything went smooth except the part that i told them i was on my sixth year of H1B and thus i was given the yellow slip stating that Administrative Processing is needed. I mentioned to them i have approved I-140, but even then i was told to go through this route of waiting.

They however gave back all the documents including passport and the visa counselor told me it takes around 1-2 weeks to get it resolved.

Fingers crossed.

hello visa dubai h1, any updates on your case? for me till now they didnt came back asking for any documents, and its showing admin process. January 4th its going to be 4 months of my interview.

hello rajiv,

VO also told us (me and my wife) that this will take around 2 weeks, now we almost on the 4th month, hope for you get resolved fast and if i get any update I will let you know. good luck!

I have been waiting since 15th Sep. The last info. was as follows
“We confirm that your case is currently undergoing administrative processing. We are unable to predict the time required to complete this process. We are unable to expedite the clearance process.”

For sure, I 'll keep u posted if things change. Happy New Year!

Hello all, I would like to know if any update for any of you guys? , for me the consulate asked for more documents and later sent my case to USCIS…

Hi! Did you get your visa then? cos i have the same problem, infact i recieved a pink slip and after three days an email where i had to collect my passport from Empost, there was no visa but a yellow paper, a box was crossed on OTHERS. what do you think i should do in this case?

Any updates on your case? Did u eventually end up getting the visa stamped?