I pursued B.tech (ME) from india but want to apply for BA in archaeology ,what are the chances of getting a Visa ?

I pursued B.tech (ME) from india (2010-2015) but i have an interest in Archaeology and want to apply for BA in Archaeology .Is there any possibility for me to get a VISA? as i have already done my bachelors and want to take a new course which is totally different from what i did previously.I completed my 12th with a 72% in non medical (2010) i.e. 3.5 GPA according to Indian standards.

Yes, you should be able to get visa. It is not very uncommon in America for students to pursue a major and then totally change the track. I have friends who have Bachelors in Engineering and then finally ended up taking Medical related course work and ended up being a doctor…Speak to few admission offices at universities on what is the best approach. Check if you can transfer some of your undergraduate credits and directly join the BA program from year 3 onwards, also ask if you can go for Masters and take pre-requisities for the same to augment the missing background.