I m unable to renew my license due to pending information from DMV ?

Hi There,

I m trying to get my license renewed and unforunately DMV says that that I need to go back to my school. Here is a brief summary.

I graduated last may ( 2012 ) and have been working with the same employeer during my OPT time. Now I m in my STEM period and still working in the same company.

I did not update my work details in my school internal site after I left but I did it very recently knowing that I have to update it so.

I moved from State A to State B for my job and I got my license during November ( 2012) but only for my OPT time which was going to end in may 2013. Now while Im trying to get my license renewed again, the local DMV says that they need additional clearance from USCIS. Can you kindly suggest any additional information on this ?



I had a similar issue at the DMV last time… They said that my I-20 wasn’t valid. It was the most recent one from my school, adjusted for OPT.

However, USCIS had changed my status already for processing of my H1b (this was actually how I learned that I was selected in the lottery), so the I-20 I had wasn’t valid anymore (my school printed the new one showing cap-gap extension). I end up getting my license because I showed them my EAD and that “beats” the I-20 (their words, not mine). I don’t know if you get a new EAD in STEM extension, but if yours is valid, you should be able to get your license with that.

If your EAD is expired, you’ll need to go to your school to get your most recent I-20, adjusted for STEM extension.

Thanks kat… I have a valid STEM along with my card and my h1b is under process this year…however the DMV says additional clearence required from USCIS. Another DMV says contact u r school. Still beats me as to why they keep saying my license can’t be renewed. I m stuck with nothing to move ahead with this case here…

Well, why don’t you contact your school and tell them to mail the most recent I-20 to you?

Do you know what happened to your SEVIS record? Check w/ DSO if everything looks ok over there.

Hi Kat,

I see that this is an old thread. But i am in similar situation and need some information. I did apply for lottery this year but didn’t hear anything about winning the lottery yet. I am changibg mu status from H4 to H1B. In the mean time i went ti DMV 2 days ago to renew my licence on H4 but my immigration check declined. So now when it happened to you at the time of lottery, when you went back to DMV did they tell you in exact words that your H1B is pending and so it is not being renewed.