I`m selected H1B lottery based on Master cap but my university is not public or non profit. Is that any way to filling file?

Master degree in non profit university but employer wage and designation is good.

Please rephrase your question so that it is more clear.

My employer registered my H1B in Master cap, and i was selected but the problem is My university which i have done master degree. It is not a public university or non-profit because when i review for eligibility of H1B USCIS mentioned Master cap candidate must attended in those university which has Public or Non-profit only otherwise your case would be rejected. Can any one suggest me.

Ok, now I understand. So if your employer registered using master cap and your university is not eligible under master cap and you submit the H1B petition, your petition may be denied. In this case you will need to apply in 2024 lottery again. Note that only those are not selected in the first round of lottery will be entered in the 2nd round if the 65K quota is not filled out after the first round petitions are submitted and approved.

Okay Thanks, So anyhow i can not eligible for filling file this year ? May be they mentioned two criteria one university should be Accrediation and second Public or Non-profit. So both criteria they follow right ? My university is accredited.

I would suggest to submit the petition with all supporting documents and let USCIS make the decision.

Okay Thanks ! I will, But it would be not impact on next year selection if i will select in next year on regular quota? if i get denied this year

No, it doesn’t impact your ability to try next year.