I have visa to spring14,deferred admit to Fall14.Received new I20 with new sevis.can i go with same visa/reapply visa

I have paid my sevis fee to one of the university in U.S.A for the Spring-2014 intake and have aquired my visa too. But, due to my family emergency I could not attend the university for spring 2014 semester and have deferred my admission for Fall-2014. Now, I would like to proceed with same visa to the university for which I acquired visa but I have received a new I-20 from the same university but with a different sevis number. So my question here is, as I am planning to attend for same university for Fall-2014, should I do anything to update my sevis or can I proceed by holding both the I-20’s received for spring 2014 and Fall-2014 and explain at port of entry. Also, should I transfer my first sevis fees to the second sevis number which I have received from the same university or re-apply for visa. Please do suggest the needful. Hope a quick and positive response from you. Thanking you in advance.

You should be fine to travel with your F1 visa stamped, as you are traveling to the same univerity, just carry both the I20s. Ideally, you should get the same SEVIS number, but if any changes, it should be fine. You can request your DSO to issue the I20 with same SEVIS number, if possible. It is always best to double check. Email your DSO, the same above question, they are your correct source for correct information.

Also, please check out the [Northwestern Polytechnic University FAQs - Q34 ](http://www.npu.edu/FAQs.html)  ( scroll down to the end of page ) , it address the same question and says you should be fine with different SEVIS numbers.

So should I transfer my SEVIS to new one’s…? but also as it has been 7months i dint use my visa…so isnt it a problem to travel…? US Travel DOcs guys said me that as it is more than 5 months you should reapply but many said not an issue with present visa. SO am in dilemma…!


I will continue my private reply to you here so others can also be helped. Kumar is 100% right. University has agreed to your deferment, a new I-20 has been issued, an F-1 visa has been stamped in your passport. Nothing else is needed. However if this continues to stress you, write to the school DSO. Keep the question simple. If a SEVIS transfer was needed, they would have been the first ones to advice you. At port of entry, you will need second I-20 and your passport. Keep first I-20 available in your bag but present it only if asked.

All the best

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO. sshankar@chu.edu;[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Fwvru51l6Q](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Fwvru51l6Q)

Thank you sir …But university people asked me to attend for visa again when they issued me I-20 but as i explained them all these about what you said then they asked me then its better do it. But they didnot even suggest me to transfer my sevis fees.Am confused because my University guys are not even in a situation to suggest and help me so I am here to confirm the things sir. But in my consultancy ,my consultants asked me to transfer sevis …so i asked you to confirm from you regarding this…?

Hi Sri,

Please pose this question to my colleague Ms. Marina Nochevnaya. Email her at mnochevnaya@chu.edu. Deferment in the case of F-1 is common when visas get repeatedly denied, happens frequently in India and China. A new SEVIS modification is not needed, the interview/ stamping part is anyway complete. Wish you the very best

Thank you for helping me by giving even contact of your colleague. But she is out of office untill May 18 . So Please atlast suggest me whether I should transfer my sevis or continue to port of entry by carrying my I-20’s and Visa. I don’t know whether my university people have updated regarding me or not and they are not even replying me nor helping me regarding this.So please suggest me Sir. Sorry for causing inconvenience to you sir. Thank you Mr.Kumar too.

If you have got different information from someone from official sources, email your DSO and get the confirmation. If no reply, call the DSO and get it clarified. Don’t be stressed. Your DSO is the best person to advise on these.

Hello Sir, Do you mean DSO as Designated School Official…? If yes they are also in confusion about my issue and not answering exactly what to do.

Yes. Well, DSO can reach out to ICE and get help. You can also email them, check for contact info : http://www.ice.gov/sevis/contact.htm