I have taken visa interview on Oct 16 for L2.

I even visited Bangalore OFC as it was my pick up location. They made me to wait for 3 hours and said they will intimate when theyrecive, how to track my passport status? tried all options from the www.ustraveldocs.com.

Any help please…

Dear Friend,

Have you tried Blue dart office of yr area?

When you filled Schedule Appointment you must have been mentioned Blue dart Pick up location. In the current system you have to collect the passport from Blue dart location mentioned by you.

There is a possibility that your passport with visa has gone back to consulate from blue dart. If not visited so far visit blue dart.

Alternately if passport is despatched already, you should also have received the intimation about its despatch on the email address mentioned by you in Shedule Appointment procedure

If you have not received any e mail , it means passport is not yet despatched. - a very unusual case. Between 16 th oct and 30th oct it ought to have been sent

Depak Deshpande < Nagpur


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Dear Depak,
I would like to thank you for answering me. My company has blocked the appointment, in my appointment letter pick up was Bangalore. I had been there they informed me that the passport is still with Chennai counsulate. Any idea why it would been blocked this days?