I have responded to RFE BUt my H1B was denined


Thanks in advance for responding.

I had Received RFE for my H1 B in and they had requested below documents.

  1. A copy of the project organizational chart showing the hierarchical reporting structure with names and titles, including yourself and your Manager working in the U.S.;2. A signed copy of the project contract and/or Statement of Work that includes the contract validity end date;3. Employment/Offer Letter (if available);4. A description of company’s performance review process (if available);5. If your Manager has changed, please provide an updated Control Letter signed by your new Manager; and6. A position description that describes the skills and qualifications required to perform the job, the percentage of time spent on each duty, the tools needed to perform the job, and the product/service to be developed/delivered signed by your Company Manager working in the U.S. (should also be prepared on letterhead and at least a page in length).I have provided each one of them with proper details and also got reviewed by my case manager represnting my company. and the response was submitted back to USCIS on Oct 25 2016. But on Nov 18 2016 I received a mail stating my petition was denied as shown below.

The H-1B petition filed on your behalf has been denied by the USCIS. USCIS has determined that the position outlined does not meet the requirements of a specialty occupation and thus would not qualify for an H1B visa. Beyond the explanation provided in this email, I am unable to speak to the matter further as India, in its exclusive role of petitioner, chooses to exercise its right to privacy in this matter.

I think this was due to the SOW I had provided in which the contract end date was Dec30 2016, and it was not yet renewed.

but my manager was telling Since I am from non-IT background it might be rejected.Since I got lottery picked is there any other way I can get my H1B approved as I don’t know the exact reason for the rejection and USCIS will not let us Know reason for rejection.

If I can prove the details with respect to another client which I am going to work. Since the client for which I had applied has not yet signed the agreement.

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