I have my H1b expiring in next 3 months, can i extend now immediately?

Hello Folks,

I got my peition fr 9 mnths only… the visa got stamped and got a stampe visa fo 7 mnths…

I just travelled in US… on 2nd July 2013 and the visa stamped is till 5th october 2013. The dte given my officer at chicago is 14th October 2013. He told to immediately apply for extension.

We are planning to file for an extension. In this case could you please guide what is the proces, what exatly gets extended… since i have ~3 months left…How dfficult is this and how doesthe extension happen ?

Your employer/attorney should file the extension and should take care of this.

The process is similar to the original petition that was filed. Extra documents required are:

  • copy of your current approval notice

  • copy of I-94

  • most recenlt payslips

Thank You saurabh, In my case where the time left is so less…is the process such where once my attorney files to USCIC they will give a probation period of 240 days till which i can stay… the dcsn of the i94/petition extension will come by that…

Please correct me if i am wrong…

That is correct. Once the extension has been filed prior to I-94 expiration date, you can continue to stay inside US for up to 240 days (from I-94 expiration date) or H-1 denial date (whichever is earlier).