i have got my h1b visa on july 2012.

i have got my h1b visa on july 2012.
valid upto july 2013.
i havent travelled to US, as there are no openings in my project.
my wife is h1b holder and working in USA . i have 3 questions
1)if am not able to travel till july '13, will i be able to go to US as a dependent?
2) if am travelling as dependent, will i be able to convert it to h1b ? also the h1b which i got previously will be of any use at that time?
3) i heard that i will be able to extend this h1b with no cap restriction, what is the time period upto which i can extend my h1b without cap?

  1. Yes you can inititate H4 and travel as dependent after stamping

  2. yes you can apply for H1 COS

  3. Since you have not travelled to US till now, you have another 4 to 5 years under cap-exempt.